We are The Megans of Cookie Momster House

Hi! We are the Megans of Cookie Momster House. We are proud to be a woman & LGBTQ+ owned business. Cookie Momster House was established in 2021 when our friendship bloomed into a cookie partner adventure. Prior to joining forces, we had been baking in some version of a hobby or business independently for over 17 years.

 How did Cookie Momster come to be? It started with a shared joy in creating custom sugar cookies but the name comes from our greatest love, motherhood. We play a lot of roles other than your local sweets dealer. We are mothers and wives first and foremost. Being foster parents our families are ever changing, between our two families we currently have 13 children! We appreciate all the love and support from our families, especially our spouses Daniel and Jen, thank you for dealing with the crazy schedule that is owning your own custom bakery. 

Our menu approach is a little different than your average bakery. We started as a custom sugar cookie company and morphed in to a full custom bakery. We take custom to heart and not just in the creative design aspect but on flavor profiles as well. From cakes and cookies to brownies, bars and more we pride ourselves on being palate pleasers and push outside of the normal flavor boundaries. Don't worry, if you still want classic flavors, we offer all the traditional flavors too and have perfected them to be spot on in taste and texture.

We are proud of what comes out of our kitchen and find real joy in helping people celebrate special moments in their lives.